Snapshot Report Published

Please follow the link for the full report: Community Snapshot Report

For the past 4 months, the consultant team has been busy researching and analyzing the existing conditions within the community.  The Community Snapshot Report is the culmination of that work. The document represents an overview of Peters Township as it is today, how it has changed over time and how it compares with other communities and regions.  Information about the people of the community, the physical character of the Township and its systems and services are combined to offer a snapshot of the overall community as it exists today.

In the upcoming weeks, a Market Analysis Report will follow. In tandem, these two documents are meant to inform and educate the public, staff and elected officials about the existing conditions within the community (Community Snapshot Report) and the future potential for land use, development and investment (Market Analysis). Armed with an understanding of today’s conditions and tomorrow’s potential, the community will be able to make thoughtful, pragmatic and viable recommendations that help strengthen and reinforce Peters Township’s reputation as a resilient and desirable community.

Watch Paul LeBlanc’s Presentation – Snapshot Report

Watch Howard Kohn’s Presentation – Market Analysis

Watch Matt Noonkester’s Presentation – Growth Scenarios

2 thoughts on “Snapshot Report Published

  1. Association homes in Peters Twp. should have their own driveways; shared create problems between neighbors who have no consideration for one another, thus one of them is held captive in their comings and goings with ensuing arguments and often the PTPD getting involved.

  2. I would like to see the Township have more control over the store signs along Route 19. Too much neon and very tacky! Ever been to Hilton Head where all signs are two snhades of brown. Even the Target bulls eye is ot red!

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